Bodyguard Training
Best Bodyguard Training

Best Bodyguard Training

Numerous people dream about becoming bodyguards, but they are uncertain on how to go about fulfilling their dream. The most important step you will take is receiving the appropriate training in order for you to develop the necessary skills. If you want a better chance at landing a job, then you must obtain the best bodyguard training available. Certainly, it will not be a piece of cake, but your effort will pay off once you receive your certification. The majority of bodyguard services companies only hire candidates that have completed some of the best bodyguard training programs.

ISA Academy: Only the Best

The ISA Academy has been around for almost 25 years, and its certainly considered to be one of the best bodyguard training centers in the world. The ISA aims to provide the best tactical training, along with effective close protection. In contrast to other types of centers, the ISA Academy believes in incorporating proper firearm handling. By doing so, they are preparing their students for the real world, where bullets may terminate their life any minute. The ISA takes pride in having trained bodyguards and agents from numerous respected agencies around the world, such as New South Wales Police Service, the United Nations, and the Singapore Police Force, among others. They make sure that their instructors (which have more than 20 years of experience) provide only but the best bodyguard training.

Bodyguard Training International

Being a bodyguard is certainly no easy task; it takes a great amount of commitment, desire and patience. Certainly, it can be a thrilling experience that can provide you with the necessary knowledge to become an independent consultant someday. Bodyguard Training International is one of the leading schools in the Los Angeles area; their three-day program is among the best bodyguard training courses. Even though the program is a crash course that takes only three days, they cover everything there is to know about the close protection field. They include:

  • Personal Advance
  • Anatomy of Protective Detail
  • Intuition
  • Surveillance Detection

The cost of receiving some of the best bodyguard training tips is $595.00 and their slots are limited. Upon completion, you will have to take a test, and if you fail the test, you wont receive your certificate and will have to retake the entire course. Nonetheless, if you work hard and pass the test, you will become a certified bodyguard.

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates

J.A. La Sorsa is a firm that is managed by a former agent of the Secret Service. They take pride in having some of the best agents in their staff, which will pass down the best bodyguard training techniques to their students. Besides techniques, they will also infuse the most important concepts, principles, and procedures that make a bodyguard reliable in their position. Their course has duration of three days and an approximate cost of $895 per person, which can be paid via Credit Card. The firm is present in the following areas:

  • Las Vegas
  • New York City Area
  • Florida includes Vero Beach, Miami, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, and a few others
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