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Executive Bodyguard Training

Executive Bodyguard Training

The majority of people donít give it too much thought when it comes to executive bodyguard training. The truth is that every bodyguard must have a proper bodyguard training prior to getting hired. As you may have seen, there are large companies around the United States that offer executive bodyguard services. However, in order to be hired by them, you must show proof of having received a legit executive bodyguard training. There are numerous bodyguard training agencies around the country that offer their programs and courses. The duration of the programs may vary, but the core of the executive bodyguard training should be very similar.

Learning to Protect Others at All Costs

The main job of every bodyguard is to protect their client(s) at all times. Some people might think itís a simple job, but the truth is that there are many skills that need to be learned. You may start by searching for an executive bodyguard training course, where they cover the most important aspects of the job. Some of the important skills that you will acquire from a training program are the following:

  • Threat detection
  • Self defense
  • Handling of firearm
  • Unarmed combat
  • Forward thinking
  • Proper use of force

Moreover, all bodyguard students must learn how to stay close to their clients regardless of the situation. If a possible threat is detected, then the client(s) must be moved immediately to a safe environment. Attending a complete executive bodyguard training program will place you in situations where you will be able to exercise these skills.

Traveling Around the World

There are numerous schools that offer executive bodyguard training; some cost more than others, and some might take longer than others. In addition, some of them might even make you travel from one city to another. A lot of people consider this to be a wonderful opportunity, because they get to see other places, which forces them to adapt to new surroundings. This is a key element in the executive bodyguard world because agents are always on the move and need to be capable of adapting to their surroundings rather quickly. For example, a program might start out in Miami, but end up in Venezuela at the end of the course. Certainly, this is a superb way of shaping up the bodyguards-to-be before being launched into the real world.

Applying for a Bodyguard Position

Before you start applying for an executive bodyguard position, itís critical that you finish your executive bodyguard training program. The reason for this is that you will have to take a test upon the completion of the course, which will verify that you have acquired the necessary skills. If you pass this test, you will be able to attend the graduation and receive your well-gained certification. Once youíre set, itís imperative that you prepare your resume professionally and make sure to include only relevant information. Be sure to list detailed information on your executive bodyguard training and include references, if possible. You may also inquire at your school if there are possibilities of permanent employment after the course is over.

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