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Bodyguard training

Bodyguard Training In The UK

Bodyguard Training In The UK – Law And Requirements

The most fundamental requirement for becoming a close protection bodyguard in the UK is the completion of a training course accredited by the SIA. There are many training agencies out there willing to provide you with the requisite knowledge and experience via their strategically devised training courses. Only after you have undergone a bodyguard training in the UK, only then can you get a valid license from the SIA to practice as a close protection bodyguard.

Bodyguard training in the UK – Course structure

Bodyguard training in the UK has become very complex and forceful since the introduction of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Also, most of the security training providers consider this to be more like a business and a profit making enterprise. There are also some who charge an exorbitant amount such as L 3,000.

The normal duration of courses relating to bodyguard training in the UK ranges between 20-25 days, however, they may vary as per the course specialization pattern or in few cases, even on the candidates. The first and foremost step in every close protection training course is the selection amongst the applied candidates. The selection process is generally carried out by seasoned veterans, who are there to check if you possess the necessary attitude, correct thinking, quick problem solving and other criteria that are laid down by the course structure.

This selection process if necessary for two reasons:

  • Raising the level of the Close Protection Bodyguards entering the security sector, and
  • To ensure 100% dedication towards the course.

These close protection training programs are essentially residential courses, where in the candidates are supposed to be in-house for the full duration of the course. Thus, the 24x7 grilling atmosphere of the training ensures that they get the best of the training needed to make them survive the hardships of being a Close Protection Bodyguard.

Close Protection Bodyguard License

After the successful completion of your bodyguard training in the UK, you have to apply for your Close Protection Bodyguard License with the SIA. This may cost you a sum of L245. For the whole license process to be completed, it may take somewhere around three months. Till the time you don’t get your license, you cannot legally start working as a Close Protection Bodyguard.

Undergoing an effective Close Protection Bodyguard Training program is must if you seriously want to work as a bodyguard in the UK security sector. Enrolling for a bodyguard training course is more or less like an investment. And before you make any investment, it is a must that you conduct a thorough research on all the aspects related to it.

Thus, before you finalize any particular training course, you must make proper enquiries about their instructors and firm profile. You can also take the help of the internet by checking out various security forums and taking references or recommendations from there. In actual practicality, it is not a difficult task to get good and effective bodyguard training in the UK for around L1500 to L2500.

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