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Clearwater Bodyguard Training

Clearwater Bodyguard Training

The world is becoming more and more dangerous as the days go by. The September 11 terrorist attacks were just one of the numerous attacks that happen around the world. Whether it is in America, in the U.K., or in the Middle East, attacks can happen any given minute. This has led to an increase in the demand for bodyguard services, because people in general are afraid of being threatened and attacked. This has opened the opportunity to those who have dreamt of becoming a bodyguard. In order to do so, its imperative that you receive appropriate training. One of the top schools in the U.K. is Clearwater Bodyguard Training Center.

Close Protection by the Best

If you are planning to live and work in the U.K. as a bodyguard, its extremely important that youre aware of the need of the proper license. Five years ago, the law was updated to state that in order to work in the Close Protection field you will need the appropriate license. Therefore, in order to receive the best training possible, you can enroll at Clearwater Bodyguard Training Center. They happen to count with some of the best instructors in the region, who hold a close association with the SIA. The course at Clearwater Bodyguard Training may include transporting you to different campuses around the world. Due to their high standards and superb ethics, Clearwater Bodyguard Training Center is highly respected in the entire region and the world.

Only Superb Trainers

The Clearwater Bodyguard Training Team has decades of experience and knows all the details of the business. The reputation that the trainers at Clearwater Bodyguard have gained over the years is proof enough of their knowledge and expertise. The five main trainers of the team are the following:

  • Woii Jezz James served for more than two decades in the Military, and has operated in Kosovo and Iraq (among others).
  • Peter Ellis counts with more than three decades of experience in the close protection field.
  • Henry Pattison served for 24 years as an Infantry Soldier and works as the head of the team.
  • Christopher Perks served for more than two decades in the Royal Marines.
  • Terrence Carroll he served eight tours as part of the Army and has 28 years of experience.

As you can see, Clearwater Bodyguard Training Center provides some of the best trainers in the U.K.

Applying to Clearwater and Working

Clearwater Bodyguard Training Center receives numerous applications and inquires on a daily basis. Perhaps the best way to contact Clearwater Bodyguard Training with any type of question is via their website. The staff at Clearwater has made sure to include only relevant information that will help you on your decision, and they encourage all potential students to clear all their doubts prior to signing up for the program. You can email your questions or call Clearwater Bodyguard Training directly to the phone number listed on the site. The program has duration of 14 days and a total cost of 2,495 (equivalent U$4,062 approx.), which can be paid with credit or debit cards and checks. Upon conclusion of the program, you might be considered for full-time employment.

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