Bodyguard Training
SIA Bodyguard Training

SIA Bodyguard Training

If you have a desire to start the thrilling career in the bodyguard field, you will have to take a course or program. During the course, you will study different techniques, and you will even participate in real world simulations. At the end of the program, you will be given a certificate which will enable you to find a job as a professional bodyguard. However, you must be aware that certain cities or regions have specific regulations in regards to the bodyguard profession. In the U.K, for example, you need to pass an SIA Bodyguard Training Course, and in addition, you have to apply for the appropriate license in order to be hired as a bodyguard.

What is the Security Industry Authority (SIA)?

Even if you’re from the United States (or any other country, for that matter) and you plan to work in the U.K. as a bodyguard, you will have to follow the regulations established by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The SIA is an organization that monitors the private security industry in the entire region; therefore, it is the SIA’s job to make sure that all individuals receive an SIA bodyguard training, which means the program has to be compliant with SIA requirements. Besides bodyguards, they also monitor the following sectors:

  • Security guards
  • Door supervision (bouncers)
  • Cash in transit
  • Public surveillance
  • Removal of vehicles

The SIA basically provides two types of licenses, which are the front line and the non-front line. The first one is for the actual individual that performs the job, and the second one is for their supervisor or manager.

What is Required for the SIA License?

If you have already received the proper SIA bodyguard training, and you have your documents in order, then you are ready to apply for your SIA license. Keep in mind that you will be eligible for a bodyguard job until you have the SIA Bodyguard License in your hands; therwise, it would be illegal for a company (or independent client) to hire you. The documents that you will need to apply for the SIA license are the following:

  • SIA license application – can be found online (SIA’s website)
  • UK digital passport
  • If you don’t have a UK digital passport, you can submit a signed valid passport of any other country (or a UK birth certificate)
  • Valid UK driving license
  • Paid fee of £245 (equivalent to $398 approx.)

How to Obtain Your SIA License

The most important part is taking an SIA Bodyguard Training Course. If you have done that already, then you must move on to collect the necessary documents listed above. Make sure to fill out the SIA Bodyguard License application properly; several people get their process delayed due to the mistakes they made on the form. If you need any type of assistance, you can contact an SIA consultant for advice. After you submit your paperwork and payment, you can track your application on their site. Since you already received the proper SIA bodyguard training, the very same SIA can help you find a job as a bodyguard, once you have your license in hand.

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