Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training Australia

Bodyguard Training Australia

When it comes to bodyguard training, physical protection is the most important skill that needs to be developed. Certainly, there are may be different schools and centers offering bodyguard training programs. However, itís highly important to take a closer look to the courses included in the program. You will notice that some centers are referred to as first-class schools, while others will have rather short terms. In order to land a bodyguard job easier, itís preferred if you attend a well-known center that is considered prestigious. This doesnít mean that newer schools provide mediocre training, but those with excellent referrals will help you get started in your career faster.

Finding Bodyguard Training Schools

In Australia alone, there are almost a dozen well-known bodyguard training schools. In order to find one, you may start your search by requesting referrals from people that you know. A lot of times, members of the police force will be able to direct you to prominent schools. If not, you can use websites, such as Ask Edu, where you can search for bodyguard training centers in Australia. This website has an interesting and easy-to-use tool that allows you to search any school in Australia, United States, India, United Kingdom, and Canada. Some of the bodyguard training schools listed in this website are:

  • Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE
  • Asset Training Australia (ATA)
  • Safecity Training Academy
  • Australian Professional Bodyguards (APB)

Australian Professional Bodyguards

This bodyguard training school has been around for 21 years. Itís currently one of the leading centers in the entire country, and it takes pride in being recognized by other agencies around the world. Years of knowledge and expertise have led this school to offer protection services to the countryís government. Some of their permanent clients include:

  • Ambassadors
  • International Government Diplomats
  • Major corporations board members
  • Celebrities
  • Dignitaries

Certainly, the APB has one of the best bodyguard training courses in Australia. Due to their long years of experience, they know how to react quickly in high-risk situations, and still protect effectively the life of their client. This center offers top-notch courses sporadically, and they prefer that potential students keep track of their website. This is due to the fact that the courses are not open all-year round.

Asset Training Australia

Asset Training Australia definitely offers one of the most thrilling bodyguard training programs. Especially designed for those who want a twist for their careers, the course offered by ATA is packed with challenges. Even those who have some sort of previous security and protection experience will be tested. Not only will you learn about physical protection, but also about the following extremely interesting areas:

  • Risk management
  • Legal terms
  • Team work
  • Work ethics
  • Reporting and communication skills
  • Responsibilities

As you can see, bodyguard training isnít only about being fit and tough, but also about understanding the basic needs of the industry. More often than not, you will face incidents that require your immediate attention and execution of an effective plan. Itís also very important to be aware of legal terms in order to avoid any type of legal issues.

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