Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training in South Africa

Bodyguard Training in South Africa

The modules and subjects, covered at the different South African bodyguard training courses, are designed to get students to demonstrate their reaction to threats in a hostile environment. Most of them have duration of five weeks, where students receive loads of information and tips on how to successfully protect their clients. Certainly, students will undergo intensive physical training, and they will also practice communication exercises. As you may have witnesses, there has been an increase in the demand of bodyguard training; this was noticed immediately after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

Close Protection Operator Course

South Africa has been an ideal training area and simulation ground. This is mainly due to it being quite a violent place, where crime statistics keep climbing up. The interesting combination of first and third-world environments will expose participants to a wide range of training simulations. Medical training also plays an important part in any South African bodyguard training program. Students will be able to train in a high risk environment, which will help them develop and polish their newly-acquired bodyguard skills. In addition, instructors are previous military soldiers, who have experience with protection training. Their clients include government officials, high-profile corporation individuals, and celebrities. The training modules of these bodyguard training programs are entirely SIA-compliant, and each simulation is based on actual situations.

Qualifications for a SA Bodyguard

When it comes to bodyguard training, South Africa has one of the most intensive qualification requirements. Certainly, you will have to think hard before choosing a school. Even though all of them have to be SIA compliant, some might be more expensive than others. The price is mostly based on the duration and the intensity of the program. If a bodyguard training course lasts five weeks, the school has to be sure to count with enough funds to provide you with meals and water. Therefore, the price tends to be quite high. Qualifying for acceptance would require you to be able to complete the following:

  • Swim 50 meters – without any type of assistance
  • 30 push-ups
  • 80 sit-ups
  • 6 pull ups
  • Run 2.4 km within 16 minutes
  • Age limit between 21 and 55
  • Identity document or passport
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Criminal background check

Why South Africa-Based Bodyguard Training?

‘Bodyguards of South Africa’ is one of the top providers of bodyguard training courses and Close Personal Protection Services with headquarters in South Africa. They count with additional branches in Washington DC, Berlin and London. With its rigorous trainings and strict qualifications for students, they have the capacity to produce versatile close protection units and agents. Modules are facilitated using practical components, comprising knowledge and results based on approach. Techniques and strategies are put to the test in a live simulation, which in this case would be called bodyguard training class. This has proven to be quite effective in forming superb South African bodyguards. A lot of them have participated in both hostile and commercial areas, where they have had to demonstrate their communication and quick reaction skills. If you have chosen this school for your formal training, be sure to prepare yourself for an intensive experience.

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