Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training New York

Bodyguard Training New York

Without a doubt, New York City forever changed after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Despite the fact that years of fear followed, the Big Apple continued to be the home of thousands of celebrities and government officials. If there was a need for bodyguards before, this need was doubled or tripled after the attacks. In order to have a better chance at getting your first job, you need to take a bodyguard training course so you can receive the proper certification. When taking a course, you will be given with the appropriate tools to respond to a threat. You will learn what it means to protect an individual, and how to profile possible attackers.

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates is known as one of the bodyguard training centers with the toughest modules. Led and directed by a former Secret Service Agent, this firm has put together a comprehensive program that will teach you the well-needed techniques and skills to become a top-notch bodyguard. The three-day program is highly intensive, and will cover the following:

  • Travel & Residence Security
  • Executive Protection
  • Firearm Response
  • Armored Vehicles

You will also learn how to manage risks and attacks. The courses are held in Albany and in the NYC area. The total current cost for the bodyguard training program is $950, which can be paid with credit card or PayPal. Usually, the course is held at the Clarion Hotel at La Guardia Airport. However, this location can change from time to time. Make sure to get the full details from J.A. LaSorsa, and book your class before it’s too late.

Counter Threat Group

The Counter Threat Group is a renowned bodyguard training school. They are present in many countries around the world, including the United States. Their course is called Full Close Protection and it has 20-day duration. Their base in the U.S. is in New York and the cost is of $5,000; this pays for all the traveling that will be done, the meals, the certification and the training itself. The bodyguard training program can also be broken down into three modules. If you wish, you can take the modules separately. While the price is a bit high, when compared to other centers, the real-world feel that you will experience is completely priceless. Some of the areas to be covered are the following:

  • Threat assessment
  • Anti-ambush skills
  • Cockpit drills
  • Tactical and speed load

Finding Your First Bodyguard Job

Once you have completed your bodyguard training and have received your certification, you are ready to start job hunting. A lot of times, you may meet people during your training sessions that will be interested in hiring you for their firm. Keep in mind that you may start working for a private client on your own, or you can apply at a bodyguard services company. Perhaps the latter is the easiest way to start; the reason for this is that individual clients will only hire those with a proven record of successful body guarding. However, don’t let this discourage you, and be sure to prepare your résumé to start your career.

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