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Bodyguard Training California

Bodyguard Training California

If you live in the beautiful state of California, youíre probably thinking about becoming a bodyguard in order to protect the hundreds of local celebrities. The truth is there are well over 500 celebrities residing in California, and this number tends to be always on the rise. Surely, there is a high demand for physical protection. There are more than a just few prestigious bodyguard training camps in the Golden State. Depending on what youíre looking for, there is no doubt that you will find what youíre looking for, rather quickly. Even though the core of every bodyguard training course is the same, there are additional classes that make some programs better than others.

Protecting Hollywood Celebrities

Hollywood is the hometown of movies and celebrities. There is always a camera somewhere, shooting anything from a major film to a simple commercial. While touring Hollywood, you will find almost 20 movie studios, plus several other television stations. Famous movie and TV stars reside in this LA district, while many others stop by for a visit, for pleasure or for work. Needless to say, proper bodyguard training can be highly-desired if you want to start your career as a professional bodyguard. The truth is there will always be somebody needing your services. If you are unsure on how to start your career, the very first step is locating a reliable bodyguard training camp. After you complete your course, you can apply directly for a job at a bodyguard firm, such as American VIP Protection.

Quality Over Quantity

Whenever you start shortlisting the different schools that offer bodyguard training courses, make sure you pay attention to the details of each course. You will notice that the duration of the courses may vary from school to school. Some of them might be implementing a crash-intensive course, where they cover the entire program in just three days. Nonetheless, each day will have you training intensively for at least 12 hours. Other types of programs might last a week but will have you training only a few hours a day. In this case, itís up to you which type of program you prefer. You may want to keep in mind that bodyguard training courses that take more days might be more expensive.

Finding Qualified Bodyguard Training Camps

Being that California is the center of the American film industry, you will find several bodyguard training schools offering courses. Perhaps the most important factor when choosing a school is your own budget. Prices for these courses may vary depending on the duration of the same. When searching for a school, large protection firms will have a link on their website where you can apply for a job. In most cases, they will hire only those that have received special training. You can use this by contacting these firms and inquiring about the bodyguard training they require. This way, you will be provided with at least a few names of some of Californiaís most prestigious centers. In case that you know people involved with law enforcement, donít hesitate to ask them what bodyguard training camps they would recommend.

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