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Bodyguard Training Close Protection

Bodyguard Training Close Protection

Nowadays, security and close protection is one of the greatest concerns among celebrities and wealthy people. With the rise in violence and terrorism, more and more people are afraid of being attacked or kidnapped. Moreover, people that are on the spotlight are easy targets because their life is public. Government officials, high-profile business people and diplomats are also very well known, because they are constantly featured on TV or the press. In order to reduce the risk of being kidnapped or harm, it’s common for them to hire bodyguards that provide close protection. In order to become one, you will have to receive some type of bodyguard training and certification.

Counter Threat Group

The main job of a bodyguard is to stay close to their client and protect them at all times. Experienced bodyguards, who received extensive training, are capable of responding immediately to any threat. This is called a counter threat, which is done to immobilize and trap the attacker. Keep in mind, though, that this is done until the client has been placed in a safe place. Usually, government officials are protected by groups of bodyguards. These groups have specialized in working together, and are extremely efficient when it comes to risk management. This type of skill can be developed, when taking a bodyguard training course that covers the close protection area. Once you complete your course, you can apply for a job at the different bodyguard companies in your area.

More Than a Bodyguard

A lot of times, people forget that a bodyguard is risking his or her life, in order to protect the life of others. It takes a lot of courage, skills and dedication to become a successful one. One of the most important things is the desire and dedication to become a bodyguard. Just like any career in life, if you are forced onto it, then you won’t be successful or happy. Another important step is understanding the meaning of close protection, and risking your life for others. In this job, there is always a risk of losing your life, and that can be quite difficult to digest. Nonetheless, the harder you train, the more efficient you will be on the job. There are bodyguard training programs that include communication skills and psychology classes; these are extremely important, because they will prepare you mentally for the job.

Starting Your Bodyguard Career

Once you complete your bodyguard training, and you receive your certification, you can start preparing the beginning of your career. One of the first things, you ought to do is prepare – or update – your résumé. Along with your certification, your résumé is what your future employer will look at before giving you the job. Make it as presentable as possible, and don’t forget to mention only the experience that is relevant to the job. Make sure to study the different companies that may hire you, and write a personalized letter for each one of them. Make sure you always follow-up with a call, until you successfully schedule an interview. Keep in mind to discuss your bodyguard training and your knowledge in close protection.

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