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Bodyguard Training NZ

Bodyguard Training NZ

New Zealand is a calm country, with stunning scenery and a lot to see. If you have seen The Lord of the Rings movies, you have seen New Zealand. These three wonderful movies were filmed in this island country, and the whole world has been witness of its beauty. More and more film stars and producers are starting to head to NZ. Therefore, the demand for bodyguards has risen over the last five years. As in every country, NZ has its own set of guidelines that ought to be followed in order to work as a bodyguard. One of the most important steps is to obtain your bodyguard training and pass the final test. Once this is done, you will be able to apply for a bodyguard position in NZ.

Todd Group

The Todd Group, which is headquartered in Dunedin, offers an extensive close protection bodyguard training course. Their instructors are some of the best in the country, with almost three decades of bodyguard experience. Some of the assistants also have a military background with several years of experience. The modules focus on training the students in hostile environments, and how to protect a subject(s) in such situation. Their goal is to teach students how to prepare and execute a plan, and at the same time, how to detect and counterattack a threat. There are a few requirements in this bodyguard training course, such as age (minimum of 21 years old) and good physical condition. The cost of this course is NZ$550, which is approximately US$456.

NZ Bodyguard Association

Given the increase in the demand for bodyguards, a former soldier and security expert decided to start an association. The New Zealand Protection Specialist and Bodyguard Association is located in Lower Hutt, and it has relationships with other major associations around the world. Their role is to keep the bodyguard network running, and to assist those in need of protective services. If you’re a beginner and have not yet received any type of bodyguard training, the association may direct you to a training school or center to begin your course.

Finding a Bodyguard Job

After you have completed your bodyguard training, you will have to take a test to see if you are prepared to receive your certification. Once you pass the test, you will graduate and receive your certificate. Before you start applying for jobs, it’s important that you construct your résumé. Even though your certificate speaks for itself, it’s rather important that you present yourself professionally. You can get in touch with the NZ Bodyguard Association, and sign up for their newsletter; this will keep you updated with employment opportunities. You can also check websites, such as Protective Services, and click on the Careers section. When they have jobs available, that’s where they will post the ad. In addition, you can contact other bodyguard services companies and inquire about any job openings that they might have. In some cases, even if there are no openings, they will allow you to fill out an application and keep your information on file for future references.

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