Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training Chicago

Bodyguard Training Chicago

Without a doubt you have seen what a bodyguard does. Their entire job revolves around the client they are trying to protect. This means they need certain bodyguard training, and acquired skills in order to do their job right. If you want to land a decent bodyguard job, itís imperative that you enroll in a bodyguard training course. A lot of them are short yet extremely intensive; others, might last for a week or more, but they will take it easier on the students. Chicago, which has now developed into a second Hollywood, is the home of several movie and TV stars. As you may know, Oprah shot her show in the Windy City for a quarter of a century. Therefore, you might catch your big break in this city!

Finding a Bodyguard Training School

Whenever you feel ready to get started, you may want to obtain referrals from your friends, family and acquaintances. As an example, think about when you want to try a new product, you ask people who have purchased it in the past. This way, you find out if you should purchase the product, or not. When it comes time to choose a bodyguard training school, the decision is entirely up to you. However, you ought to take a closer look to the program that the different schools offer. If you have trustworthy referrals, you can base your decision on the positive or negative reviews you receive. In addition, you can contact large bodyguard firms that constantly hire bodyguards. You may get in touch with them, and inquire about their preferred schools in the Chicagoland area.

Cost of Bodyguard Training

The cost for a bodyguard training course in Chicago can vary from one school to the other. Some have been around for a long time, and others are quite new. To your surprise, bodyguard training courses are not all that expensive. Surely, some cost more than others, but chances are you will find the one to fit your own budget. With todayís technology, there may be some schools that offer training via the internet. Depending on the school, you may find courses for about $200 and with duration of four weeks. Larger bodyguard centers, such as J.A. Lasorsa and Associates, have schools in some of the biggest cities in the country, including Chicago. The costs for their courses may range between $700 and $1700; the most expensive ones may be taught by former agents of the secret service.

Starting Your Bodyguard Career

Perhaps, the best way to get started on your bodyguard career is by applying directly to large bodyguard services firms. Some schools, such as Miami Protection, have centers in Chicago. Not only do they offer bodyguard training courses, but they also offer employment. Upon completion of your course, you may inquire about job applications and apply on the spot, if possible. You may also contact local companies, such as ABC Bodyguards, and find out if they are taking applications. Just like any regular job, it may take you a while to start your career. Donít be discouraged, and apply to more than one company.

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