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Bodyguard Training UK

Bodyguard Training UK

Bodyguard services have been on the rise in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Not to mention other areas of the world, such as South Africa, Central and South America. This has led many companies to start providing bodyguard training programs, which are packed with techniques on how to counterattack threats and immobilize attackers. Since there are countless celebrities and diplomats in the UK region, bodyguards are always on demand. In order to increase your chances of getting hired, itís necessary to obtain your bodyguard training and certification from a renowned school.

Protecting British Celebrities

Even though the UK is generally safe, it has been the target of various terrorist attacks over the last fifteen years. Diplomats, government officials and wealthy families can easily become targets of such attacks. Perhaps you have seen how this type of people usually has at least one bodyguard with them. Bodyguards are trained in many different areas, which include the following:

  • Threat detection and risk assessment
  • Close protection foot techniques
  • Search procedures
  • High speed pursuit
  • Tactical skills
  • Breathing control
  • Weapon handling

    In addition, bodyguard training isnít complete unless it includes communication skills. In some cases, the program will have you travel to other cities around the region, or even to the other side of the world. This type of training has longer duration and costs a lot more money.

    Clearwater Special Projects

    Clearwater Special Projects is a large company that takes care of every single type of security protection. Not only do they offer bodyguard training, but they also provide the protection itself. They can provide private investigators, fraud investigators and bodyguards. Their programs are constantly being updated to include the latest material. Itís important that you learn that itís against the law to work as a bodyguard, if you donít possess the proper license (known as Close Protection license). Participating in the bodyguard training program provided by Clearwater will surely make your earn such certification. The program takes a total of 14 days, and itís held at their first-class facility in Shropshire. The total cost of the course is £2,495, which is equivalent to approximately $4,092. The company requires you to make an initial deposit of £500 (or $820), which can be paid by credit card or checks.

    Landing Your First Job

    Regardless of the type of bodyguard training course that you decide to go for, you will have to take an examination upon completion. This is done in order to measure the skills you have acquired, and to verify if youíre ready to go in the real-world and put the techniques to use. Once you pass the test, you will attend graduation and receive your certification. Being properly certified will surely open the doors to your new exciting career. If you decide to attend the bodyguard training program at Clearwater, you will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent job with them. They have openly stated that they have been recruiting from their own students for the last seven years. If youíre eager to start your career as soon as possible, it might be a great idea to choose Clearwater as your school, since they will consider you for a job depending on your overall performance.

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