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Bodyguard Training NYC

Bodyguard Training NYC

The New York City area is perhaps the most popular city in the entire world. Its Statue of Liberty represents the American Dream and freedom. The Big Apple was the point of entry for thousands of immigrants in the 1800s and to this day, it remains as one of the most diverse American cities. Nowadays, movies and programs are always being shot in the city, and thousands of celebrities own properties and homes in the area. There are also countless embassies and consulates in the area, meaning that there is a lot of government – national and international – officials, as well. This has increased the necessity of properly trained bodyguards; you will find at least a couple prestigious bodyguard training schools that will prepare you for this exciting career.

Starting Your Bodyguard Training

You will find that the cost of a bodyguard training course isn’t insanely expensive. Certainly, there are some courses that may be less expensive than others. The total price depends on the duration of the course, and the material to be used. For example, some schools will actually make you travel to other parts of the U.S., or even to other countries. In contrast, other schools will keep their bodyguard training program short and local. In order to find a school, you may first ask for referrals. After you have shortlisted the bodyguard training schools in the NYC area, make sure to contact them directly in order to compare prices and modules. The decision of choosing a school is entirely up to you. Even though total cost is important, make sure to take a closer look at the modules to be covered in each school.

Finding a Reputable Bodyguard Training School

Word of mouth has been the most effective way of marketing a product; this can surely help you hear the negative and positive reviews of a particular school. If you can’t find anybody who can provide you with this type of feedback, you may contact bodyguard services companies and inquire about the training that is needed in order to apply for a job with them. This will give you a better idea of which NYC schools are considered to be reputable. In addition, you may take a look at the local community colleges, and find out if they have short courses that would cover bodyguard training and close protection. Sometimes, even if they don’t have a particular program, they may have a contact list that includes a school or center that does.

Certification & Preparing Your Résumé

Once you find the school that best fits your needs, make sure to register and pay any deposit, if needed. Some bodyguard training courses take only three days, while others can take up to a month. The ones lasting a month are extremely intense, and may even take you to South America or Europe to complete your training. Once you are done, you will take a test and if you pass, you will graduate and receive your certification. This is not the end of it, though; make sure to prepare your professional résumé, and include details of your training. Use it to apply for jobs at bodyguard companies or individual clients.

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