Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training Texas

Bodyguard Training Texas

The great state of Texas happens to be the second largest state in the continental US. With popular cities such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Texas is a common spot for tourists. Celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Robert Rodriguez and Willie Nelson have been living in this southern state for quite a while now. As you may know, celebrities are constantly hiring bodyguards to protect them from crazy fans or potential attackers. Bodyguards are intensely trained in close protection, risk assessment and threat detection. Therefore, in order to make a career out of it, itís imperative that you receive proper bodyguard training.

Triple Canopy Means Secure Success

Triple Canopy is a very prestigious company that believes in making all of their students, leaders. Having leadership skills can play an important part, when executing the bodyguard role. They have long years of experience training bodyguards at corporate levels, as well as individual ones. Their bodyguard training program can be custom-made to fit the needs of a company. This means that if youíre already working for a company, and they want to further train you, Triple Canopy can work based on their needs. They also offer:

  • Crisis Management Training
  • Hostile Environmental Training
  • Travel Security Training

The last three training programs can be combined to develop a top-notch bodyguard training. The reason for this is the fact that a bodyguard must now how to protect their client at all times (especially when traveling), how to manage different crisis situations, and how to react when trapped in a hostile environment.

Statewide Training Academy

The Statewide Academy has been providing bodyguard training courses in Texas, for quite some years now. Their courses run from Level II to Level IV, and in addition they provide Concealed Handgun courses. Currently, they have three different facilities located in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. They are licensed by the state of Texas, and thus, they donít operate in any other state in the country. You are probably wondering why Level I is missing; the reason for this is the fact that Texas repealed it, and as of February 1, 2010 all students can start directly with Level II. In order to become a bodyguard, you must pay close attention to Level IV Personal Protection Office Course. It has a course time of 21 hours and a cost of $525; pay close attention that there is an age requirement of 21 years.

Enterprising Securities Teaches You Close Protection

Enterprising Securities has been in business for more than 15 years. They are headquartered on Basse Road in San Antonio, Texas. Enterprises Securities take pride in offering their students with the tools necessary to develop high-quality bodyguard skills. Their bodyguard training programs are packed with techniques that will lead the students into the right path. This means that you will be capable of reacting effectively in a risky situation, because you will practice in real-world settings during the course. The cost for this 6-day training program is $3,000 per student. Upon completion, you will receive your P.O.S.T. Certification, which exceeds any other certification in the country.

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