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Bodyguard Training Houston

Bodyguard Training Houston

Without a doubt, Houston is one of the most popular and visited cities in the state of Texas. With a median crime rate and extreme proximity to the southern border, Houston is constantly fighting drug law-breaking and offenses. Since this can lead to kidnapping and assault, many people have decided to hire bodyguards to protect their families. There are excellent bodyguard training schools that offer complete programs. Most of them are delivered by extremely capable individuals, which have served in the secret service or have worked with the FBI. You will find programs that have been specially tailored for beginners and others for experienced bodyguards.

C.J. Moran’s 21st Century Security Training

This superb bodyguard training school has been providing their courses for almost five years. Their staff includes instructors that have more than three decades of experience in law enforcement. The founder, C.J. Moran, was a peace officer for the Harris County for 15 years. He is determined to share his experience, and provide others with the tools needed to become a successful bodyguard. Their bodyguard training courses are divided in the following:

  • Level II – Price $40 and duration of 6 hours
  • Level III – Price $149 and duration of 30 hours
  • Level IV – Price $225 and duration of 15 hours
  • Level IV (Advanced) – Price $125 and duration of 8 hours
  • Total package – Price $699 and duration of 67 hours

The levels can be combined if needed, and despite the fact that there is no Level I, beginners can start with Level II.

American Academy for Security Training

Right on Airport Boulevard in Houston, you will find the well-known American Academy for Security Training. They have extensive experience in bodyguard training and security. However, they make it clear that police academies are considerably different than their academy, because police trainees are being trained to enforce the law. In contrast, bodyguards are being trained to protect a subject at all costs. While it’s true that some police officers serve as bodyguards, their experience and formation include bodyguard training on the side. The bodyguard training course offered by the American Academy is called Personal Protection Officer Training Course; the class duration is 15 hours and has a cost of $200. Students will acquire the basic skills to protect a subject; they will go over different tactics, which include profiling and escorting techniques.

Tim D. Wilson International

This is perhaps one of the best-known bodyguard training schools in Houston. They will help you develop situation skills, along with advanced strategic and tactical skills. The downside of this program is the fact that they require previous experience. The reason behind this is that this program has been carefully put together, to help bodyguards transform into experts in the protection field. They only accept 20 people per course, and it has a cost of $750, which can be paid with credit card or PayPal. The course duration is of two extremely intensive days, where students will be both in the field and in the classroom. The instructors for this bodyguard training course are former secret service and FBI agents.

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