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Bodyguard Training International

Bodyguard Training International

Bodyguard Training International is a well-established training facility located in Los Angeles, California.

Currently, they are offering a three-day training course under the EPS Primary Training Academy. This is a very short yet intensive course. It last only three days, with a total training time of thirty hours. It will help you learn the different theories and applications of live drills in the following fields:

  • Roles of EP Assignments
  • Personal Advance
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Threat Detection
  • Team Organization
  • Surveillance and Detection
  • Domestic versus International Details
  • Final Ė Live EP mission

Whatís Inside the Academy?

This special training course, which is currently offered by Bodyguard Training International, will take place in the state of California particularly in Los Angeles. This bodyguard academy makes sure to include the following in their bodyguard training program: live drills, video, and PowerPoint presentations. This helps the students visualize the tasks that they are expected to accomplish. There are only 12 students in each class to ensure maximum learning and interaction. Students will learn the different extreme and safe scenarios that usually take place in the local and international scenes. All of these things will be learned in a hands-on manner, implementing a real-environment simulation, thus making the course entirely challenging and thrilling at the same time. In addition, Bodyguard Training International Academy provides students with only but the best qualified instructors Ė the majority of them work as current operators, and/or lead agents for different High-Profile individuals. With this type of job, bodyguards are always traveling around the world. Thatís the reason why itís important to grow accustomed to different types of scenarios. The students will have the opportunity to learn the best from the best, and will later be capable of putting it to practice themselves.

More Information

In the present modern society, itís rather important to learn communication skills. Due to globalization, itís easy and fast to communicate with people all over the world. This means that as a bodyguard, you will always be on the go. All bodyguard training programs now include some type of international module. Anyone who decides to enroll in this course will have the assurance that he or she will learn the skills that are required in the battlefield, so to speak. The course may be only three days, but itís entirely comprehensive and practical. You are also given the option to choose from the different additional courses, which are also being offered by Bodyguard Training International:

  • CCW Training
  • Classes for Executive Self Defense
  • Executive Protection
  • Seminars for Bodyguard Training

Moreover, you will get the chance to meet and speak to renowned personalities, such as Rick Sweeney, Brian Anderson, and David Lamanno.

International Bodyguard Association

To learn more about what bodyguard training international comprises, you may join the International Bodyguard Association. They have offices all around the world, and can provide you with extremely useful information in regards to your training and career. If you want to polish your skills, you can obtain the official training DVD offered on their official website.

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