Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training in Los Angeles

Bodyguard Training in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Ė one of the most popular cities in the United States, and home to hundreds of celebrities. Everybody around the world has heard of Hollywood, and they are aware this is the home of the American film industry. As you cruise around the city, you will enjoy the spectacle of cameras. This city is always busy because there is always something being filmed. Itís likely that you have seen how celebrities walk around with bodyguards. Since they are constantly on the spotlight, they need to be protected from unstable fanatics that may want to hurt them. When attending bodyguard training, you will learn how to detect and counter attack any possible threats to your client.

Gideon Bodyguard Training

Gideon Bodyguard Training school services the Los Angeles area, as well as San Diego and Denver. They offer programs that have been designed to meet the most vulnerable individual. Some courses may offer three-day courses, where they will cover the principles and concepts of executive protection. They will develop skills in designing and implementing a physical protection detail, and formulas on how to calculate risk exposures. Graduates will get an additional briefing on state licensing requirements for executive protection agents, and how to successfully market their services. Graduates can also advance to Close Quarters Combat and Defensive/Evasive Driver training.

Bodyguard Training In Depth

While Gideonís three-day course covers the basic principles of executive protection, graduates can advance their competency with an additional three-day bodyguard training program. Advanced executive protection agents will be able to take on higher roles in the professional security field, such as supervisory roles. The advanced course includes learning how to take and control a vehicle from the attacker and how to safely transfer passengers. Students will also undergo first aid classes, such as Tactical Combat Casualty Care. In this exercise, students will be able to provide trauma care to their comrades Ė just like itís done in the warzone or battle field. These simple life-saving techniques will help you treat your injured client, using just a few resources. Keep in mind that these real-world exercises are always carried out under proper supervision.

Modules to Be Covered in Los Angeles

While the classes to be covered in your bodyguard training course may differ from school to school, some of the most common ones are the following:

  • Attacks On Principal Drills
  • Concealed Weapons Tactics
  • Executive Protection Defensive Tactics
  • Nuances of Celebrity & Corporate Protection details
  • Principles of Protection
  • Route and Site Surveys
  • Security Driving Principles
  • Single Agent Tactics/Team Tactics
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Terrorist/Kidnapper/Assassin Methods and Vulnerabilities

Bodyguard training instructors in Los Angeles teach the same techniques they implemented when they were assigned to clients. Most of them have already retired, and only to work to teach others how to develop the much required skills in the field. A lot of them have carried out assignments in Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq and other related risk areas. Upon completing the bodyguard training program, students will take an examination test to verify they have learned the basics. If they pass, they will receive their LA bodyguard certification.

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