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Bodyguard Training Ireland

Bodyguard Training Ireland

Ireland has long gone through difficult phases as a country. They have been constantly batting the insurgents of the IRA, and others who have participated in terrorist attacks. While the country in general is at peace, there is always fear of attack. This has led many to hire bodyguards to help them protect their families. There are quite several bodyguard training schools in Ireland that count with instructors who previously serves in the military. As of now, professional bodyguards from Ireland are now widely distributed in more than 50 countries all over the world. Any agency, organization, or association that would want to hire professionally trained bodyguards from Ireland, will have the assurance that these bodyguards have received only but the best training. These trusted men and women are well-versed and well-skilled in the areas of anti-kidnap and risk management.

Professional Bodyguard Services PBI

Professional Bodyguard Services has been servicing Ireland since 2006. They started this center in order to provide bodyguard training in Ireland and the rest of Europe. Today, it has grown so strong that they service the entire world (currently having assigned bodyguards in more than 50 countries). As a matter of fact, the services offered by their professional bodyguards are among the most sought after for premier services, award ceremonies, and many other public appearances. Something very interesting about this center is that they offer an All-Female Bodyguard Training Program, which has a cost of 1495 (equivalent to approx. U$2,133) and extends the Close Protection Level III Certificate upon completion.

Bodyguard Ireland & International

As you have read, bodyguard training is readily available in Ireland. However, its also available all around the world. Many training centers, such as PBI, have presence in many other countries. Due to globalization, it has become quite easy keep in touch with the different schools and bodyguard associations. This helps build a network of bodyguards that makes the sharing of experience a lot simpler and fun. Once you decide to enter the bodyguard world, you will have countless tools available for the polishing of your skills. Through the associations, you will have the opportunity to meet seasoned bodyguards, who can give you advice on how to go about your career.

Corporate Level

Numerous bodyguard training centers offer a dedicated team of people, who are capable of handling large corporate projects. Most of the time, these agents are actually bodyguard training specialists, who also offer their services to clients around the world. Some of the most common packages offered to corporate clients may include the Security Advance Party, and the Electronic Surveillance Detection (Bug Sweeping). Irish bodyguards are considered to be one of the best training agents, as well as protective members, not only in the country but also in the entire the world. Furthermore, consultancy services are also being offered to consultant executives and their families. As a result, more and more corporations are starting to turn to Irish bodyguards to protect their high-profile members. If you got hired by a corporation, you can easily start earning a six-figure income in a short period of time.

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