Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training in Miami

Bodyguard Training in Miami

Even though times are tough, Miami is a work haven for bodyguards and has quite a nice number of bodyguard training schools. Principles of executive protection training in Miami are commonly used to protect celebrities, politicians, dignitaries and corporate executives. Bodyguard training certification is regulated by the state of Florida; in fact, every state regulates this type of certification. At times, there might be an additional need for a firearm and its proper permit. During training, students are expected to learn defense tactics, handgun retention and hand-to-hand combat techniques, as well as crowd control and evasive methods. Advanced courses will teach students how to work as a team (since the basics already include working independently). Moreover, there will be a need to learn how to identify threats and how to operate a detail. Many schools will offer a real-world simulation, where students will have to put their newly acquired skills to test.

Skills to Be Mastered

Upon finishing Miamiís bodyguard training course, students will be able to demonstrate strategic close protection and protective surveillance. They should be able to execute a variety of combat techniques and demonstrate expertise in the detection of explosive devices. Other modules included in the course are First Aid application, Firearms Training, and Drive Drills. In the movies youíve seen how people are chased and ambushed; thatís the main reason why itís important to develop driving skills, as well. Some of the modules covered in the driving drills are Accident Avoidance, Evasive Driving, and Security Protective Driving. Students are at times given the chance to do live protective detail exercises. In these cases, instructors will supervise their trainees, in order to make sure that they are putting their skills to good use. Other required skills are interpersonal communication and team work development.

Training Course: List of Modules

Whenever you start shortlisting your possible bodyguard training schools, you will notice that their modules might differ a bit. Different instructors have different ways of implementing their course. This doesnít mean that one program isnít good enough for you; it just means that it has a different focus. The price of the total program is something that will help you decide on what bodyguard training program to choose. Some of them are short but extremely intensive, while others take up to a month. Some of the common modules are the following:

  • Assassination Attempts
  • Client Escort
  • Close Protection
  • Concepts and Procedures for Perimeter Security
  • Conducting Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Interpersonal Skills & Team Work
  • Introduction to the Roles and Principle Concept of Executive Protection
  • Isolation Drill
  • Legal & Non Legal Weapons
  • Office, Residence and Traveling Security
  • Protective Detail Operation

Graduation and Getting Ready for a Job

Upon conclusion of your Miami bodyguard training program, you will have to show your instructors you learned the required skills well. In order to demonstrate this, you will have to take a test and pass it. Once you pass it, you will attend your graduation and receive your well-earned bodyguard certification. Thatís not the end, though; you need to prepare your rťsumť. Make sure to list detailed information on your course.

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