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Bodyguard Training Israel

Bodyguard Training Israel

Centuries of dispute, in regards to their territory, and the never-ending religious clash has made Israel a prime target, and playground for terrorist attacks and domestic insurgencies. With wars, both civil and international, the Israelis are known for developing a defense mechanism that is hardwired to death. Mossad training, which is the equivalent to a Secret Service or CIA training, takes years of accomplishment and strenuous close contact combat before deployed into the field. Bodyguard training in Israel is one of the most precise and effective programs in the world. As a country eager to defend their own, bodyguard training in Israel has become one of the toughest and most demanded professions.

Bodyguard Training Israel Qualifications

Before an Israeli or a foreigner can undergo bodyguard training in Israel, they must first check the requirements stated by the school and the country. Some of them may be restricted only to nationals, while others are open to foreigners. You must have the will and character to withstand the day-to-today combat and training, which takes place during the course. The bodyguard training in Israel is as rigid as the ones employed to black operational agents of the CIA. They follow the same age requirement of 18 and above, at least 160 pounds in weight and a minimum height of 56 ft. A trainee must pass the psychological exam before being deployed to their bodyguard training location, either overseas or within Israel.

A Safe Ground for Defending Civilians

With the growing threat of terrorism, training schools in Israel have made counter terrorism tactics part of the training package. This will enhance the skills of the students, when they come in contact with lawless criminals and terrorist attackers. Each school of bodyguard training in Israel passes through a careful selection process before they are accredited for operation. The tools employed are updated and upgraded annually to keep up with the advancement in technology. Other training programs include psychological profiling of an imminent attacker and situational crisis management in times of distress. Bodyguard training in Israel is a serious profession and one that is exalted for efficiency and flexibility. Instructors are highly trained former members of the army, Mossad or navy.

A Program for the Determined Individual

Most trainees who shift from the navy, the army or SEAL units, manage to find successful careers in the private defense industry. Bodyguard training in Israel includes the following areas in every training program:

  • Close protection detail- intensifies identification of possible alarms surrounding a viable target for terrorist.
  • High Risk Protection includes extremely inductive training programs to enhance the alertness and awareness of the bodyguard in providing lethal protection to his client.
  • Maritime protection designed to overcome atrocities while on board a vessel, private or public, with a client.
  • Protection and Counter terrorism instructions includes profiling of terrorist attackers and identification of bombs.

Bodyguard training in Israel con cost you the following:

  • 790 for a five-day course approx. USD $1,127
  • 1,580 for a ten-day course approx. USD $2,254
  • 2,500 for a 14-day course approx. USD $3,566
  • 4,500 for a 20-day course approx. USD $7,845

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