Bodyguard Training
Bodyguard Training in Israel

Bodyguard Training in Israel

Executive protection for high-profile individuals is one of the most challenging environments to operate in. Itís a complex task with sudden public contact, unplanned changes in route and crowd control. With such complexity, entire bodyguard units are trained in different areas of expertise. The best way to develop these much needed skills is by attending a bodyguard training school. Israel schools are among the best ones in the world. They teach techniques implemented by the Israeli military, which are among some of the most effective ones.

ISA and Executive Protection in Israel

Israel offers the most advanced techniques in executive protection; a clear example is International Security Academy (ISA), which has been specializing in bodyguard training since 1987. They offer only reliable and efficient professional protection agents. Israel is known for having hardcore security professionals, which go on protective details beyond the borders of Israel. The country has perhaps the most suitable climate and trained professionals, and when combined, they can offer a superb bodyguard training program. ISAís training centers are also found in various countries around the world. The truth is that ISA trained security professionals are among the most sought out in the bodyguard field. In Israel, executive protection agents will be able to train easily for future real life situations. The majority of the instructors are former security professionals of the very same ISA, and a lot of them were assigned to the Prime Ministerís office. All instructors have previously served in the military and have lead security details as well as instructed other agents during their service with ISA. Training periods for ISA are usually 12 days for 10 hours each day.

Bodyguard Training Curriculum

Bodyguard training courses in Israel will usually cover everything from detection to planning. Students will get to understand the attackerís methods or motivations, and they will learn how to communicate properly. The course will help them carry out successful deployment strategies, which are based on assassination case studies. Security, while traveling abroad, will also be covered. In addition, bodyguard training courses will train students on first aid response, along with a few medical equipment highlights. Students will get their hands on tactical skills, such as field instruction, and drills on executive protection on foot and transportation. Bomb sweeping drills are also part of the field exercises; students will be trained on how to escape risky situations.

Highly-Capable Instructors

Security professionals trained and certified by ISA-Israel will share their expertise, methods and proven concepts. These instruction teams on protection and counter terrorism go in conjunction with a multinational instruction team. Their main goal is to prepare those undergoing a bodyguard training course. Upon completion, they should be trained enough to go around the world protecting their clients. The mission on this profession is to fight threats and dangers to the physical body of an individual, and/or their family. Without a doubt, instructors have gone through an intensive bodyguard training, which has transformed them in a close protection machine. If you make a career out of it and master these skills, you could become an instructor one day.

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